Best Load Board List for Car Haulers: Top 5

Posted by on August 6, 2018

Looking for the Best Load Board in Car Hauling? Here’s your Top 5 Auto Transport Load Boards List. What’s The Best Load Board for a Car Hauler? Welcome to Auto Transport Intel. This is “Top 5 Car Hauling Best Load Boards” in Auto Transport today – for Searching for Cars to Book For Transport for

Looking for the Best Load Board in Car Hauling? Here’s your Top 5 Auto Transport Load Boards List.

What’s The Best Load Board for a Car Hauler?

Welcome to Auto Transport Intel. This is “Top 5 Car Hauling Best Load Boards” in Auto Transport today – for Searching for Cars to Book For Transport for your auto transport business.

Load Board #1) Central Dispatch

Right now, this is absolutely the #1 auto transport best load board in the United States, with the most listed loads nationwide – easily averaging over 40,000 posted loads at any one time. That’s a lot of cars!

However, to be a subscriber as a carrier, you’re looking at spending over $115 a month for a subscription and an annual price tag closer to $1,500 per year. That’s a significant annual expense, and that’s just to have access to a list of loads that may or may not be ready for transport. But, Central Dispatch does offer a 30-day free trial and a typical set up only takes 7-10 days.

Booking Loads on Central Dispatch

The “Search Vehicles” feature is easy to use and if you’re a new Auto Transport business, you need to sign up with Central Dispatch until you can find your own customers. Unfortunately, Central Dispatch is the only load board of the top 5 where you cannot book loads online with the click of a button and that can cost you time. Plus, it’s the only major load board where the dispatch sheet cannot be directly assigned to a driver’s mobile app, which is hard to believe in this modern age of mobile technology. However, no other car hauler load board comes even close to Central Dispatch in terms of volume of cars listed for transport. And that’s exactly why you’ll find other load boards eventually list most of their loads on Central Dispatch.

Load Board #2) Ready Logistics / Ready Auto Transport / 1Dispatch

Yes, on 1Dispatch you can book loads online without contacting anyone. You can also bid on loads to get more money. This load board is free and you get paid fast by comchecks. On top of that, Ready Logistics has one of the best vehicle inspection mobile apps available – which is connected directly to your dispatch dashboard so there’s no duplication of information or lack of efficiency within dispatching. But, there’s not nearly enough loads here to be considered the best load board. On top of that, way too many repo lots with Inoperable Vehicles and getting set up oftentimes take far too long (like months). Of course, every new car hauling business should start getting signed up with 1Dispatch right away. Like right now.

Load Board #3) CarsArrive Network

In terms of use, it’s very similar to 1Dispatch. Book online, bid to get more money, it’s a free load board, but the default pay is net 20 and if you want a comcheck you’ll have to pay the fee – and that’s too bad. But it’s a better selection of used cars at better pickup locations, mostly auto auctions, and the listed rates are better than average. The biggest problem is getting signed up with CarsArrive. Yes, they require a minimum of 90 days of active MC authority, but it’s their cargo insurance minimum requirements that keep many transporters from ever signing up – which can be a good thing if you get approved. And as a dispatcher, I love having CarsArrive Network as a booking option. I use it all the time because it really helps with overall gross revenue.

Load Board #4) United Road Logistics

You would not know from the look of their simplistic online load board that United Road is not only the nation’s largest broker carrier but (among other big contracts) is also in charge of moving the bulk of carmax cars. That equals a lot of volume and regular work for a new car hauling business – and that’s why United Road has a lot of agents you can call and daily email lists of available loads. Unfortunately, many carriers often rely on to see the loads they eventually book on – and that just doesn’t make sense. (Not the best load board). It’s a good thing this load board is free, because it needs work, and make sure you understand all the United Road insurance requirements and commitments before you sign up.

Load Board #5) MetroGistics

Make no mistake, MetroGistics is a growing company and is surely here to stay, but you will regularly come across loads that you wished paid better and were better described in the original listing – and I’m talking about “Mix Mix”. What is that? Like many other load boards, if you see it on Central, check to make sure it’s really still available. Again, it’s free to sign up but make sure you have your ducks in a row by checking your company name using the fmcsa safersys website so you don’t waste a bunch of time. Also, be ready for lots of incoming phone calls seeking daily status updates and perfect performance on your end of the deal. Go get signed up because you will see their loads.

Guess what? I’m throwing in a bonus #6.

Load Board #6) Ship.Cars

Visit – not .com
Best load board? Not yet. But this is the beginning of the future.
For years, the top 5 auto transport load boards I just mentioned have enjoyed a real lack of competition. But that’s about to change. Ship.Cars is one of many recent and upcoming load board contenders boasting innovative technology and a large enough volume of listed loads to make carriers and new auto transport businesses pay attention and sign up. And you’re going to want to do that, too.

Best Load Board In Auto Transport Top 5 List

I hope this “top 5 car hauling best load boards” video helps you stay loaded and remain profitable. As carriers and dispatchers, we’re all looking for something better and new ways to keep up gross revenue. So stay tuned to Auto Transport Intel for new information and thanks for watching.

Best Load Board Search - Top 5 Car Hauling Load Boards by Auto Transport Intel

Best Load Board Search – Top 5 Car Hauling Load Boards by Auto Transport Intel

16 comments on “Best Load Board List for Car Haulers: Top 5

      • Donn

        I am not dispatching. I have no idea where to look for carriers. I have friend in NY that is putting together a 9 car and a 6 car enclosed and is not ready yet. From info I gleaned from you a 9er as well as the enclosed are very difficult. Not something that looks like I should be working with. Is there somewhere that I could look for carriers to work for?

        • Jay W

          Thanks for the question. Are you looking to become a dispatcher? What role in car hauling are you wanting to have? Did you know that I offer personal consultations? You can email me at: for more information.

          I also highly recommend you join the live chat on my Tuesday Nights Live YouTube show at 9pm Eastern / 8pm Central and keep talking with other car haulers. Here is the link: Thanks, and I hope to see you there.

          • ELIDA AYALA

            Hello, I have read your replays, still Ihave questions We are from CA in the area of Fresno, CA can you give us an idea were to look for loads that not necessary need a memebrship. We want for our son to star his bussines, but we have no idea were to look.

            Thank You

            Elida Ayala

          • Jay W

            Hello, and thanks for the question. I know you’re asking for places to look for loads that don’t require a membership, but no matter where you go, brokers and shippers will want to know the basics about your company, such as MC #, insurance coverage, w-9, etc. – so you may consider joining some of the load boards in this video CLICK HERE–>:

            I hope that helps you, and if you’re looking for more info, try CTS Business Coaching CLICK HERE–>:

            Thanks, Jay

  1. CarShipIO Stan

    Well I guess I have to do it for you:)
    LoadBoard #7 CarShipIO: https://www.CarShip.IO

    CarShipIO – Free Marketplace for Carriers to find loads that do not only consist of single broker loads like most except Central Dispatch but also features direct access to customers, completely bypassing the brokers unlike any other load board on the list of top 6.

    • Jay W

      I agree, Dale. I don’t think you have to do that. If you’re interested, I can put you in touch with my friend and business partner, Ty, of CTS Business Coaching: and you all can discuss strategies to better suit your business. Just email your contact info to autotransportintel at gmail dot com. Thanks.

  2. Brook Frost

    Good afternoon, I am a new company that is getting into the car hauling industry. Is there a place you would recommend to buy BOL’s and any additional forms we may need? Would it be better to use EBOL instead of paper? I know some manufactures and companies want paper still. Any recommendations for BOL’s or EBOL software. Thank you for all the helpful videos you provide!

    • Jay W

      Hi, Brook. Thanks for the question.

      Electronic bill of lading mobile apps have been available for several years, and have certainly grown in popularity and use. To learn more, watch my Auto Transport Software Update VIDEO HERE:

      I would also verify which companies continue to prefer paper bills of lading and see if they have a standard form they wish you to use. For a specific eBOL mobile app recommendation, please send an email with your contact info to autotransportintel at gmail dot com.

      Thanks. – Jay

  3. John D

    Are you available for contact? I am thinking about getting into the industry and would really appreciate it if you could answer a few questions. I feel like with your experience, you would easily be able clarify some things for me.


    • Jay W

      Hi, John.

      Thanks for watching ATI!

      I highly recommend a CTS Business Coaching session with my business partner and lead coach, Ty Thompson. Please visit: to sign up, or you can email your contact info to autotransportintel at gmail dot com. Also, be sure to stay tuned to keep learning more about how to grow your transport business relationships.

      Thanks, and we hope to talk to you soon.



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