Auto transport carriers use vehicle load boards to stay loaded. But…there’s just one problem.

Auto Transport Carrier | Monthly Cost of Central Dispatch Account

For this video, I called CENTRAL DISPATCH at 800-928-7869 to verify the $104.95 MONTHLY COST for a basic CARRIER ACCOUNT PLAN – plus I also asked about the levels of PRICING FOR INSTANT LOAD NOTIFICATIONS.

Just go to and you will see on their home screen promotional language stating, “Use Central Dispatch FREE for 30 days. After your trial, plans start as low as $59.95/month plus tax for Shippers & Brokers.” Yes – FOR SHIPPERS & BROKERS.

But if you are a Car Carrier, Vehicle Transporter or Auto Hauler (and I’m guessing you are) then you need to click on ABOUT US and scroll down to read, “Pricing…Carriers can get premium access for $104.95/month plus tax.”

Who is the main customer of Central Dispatch? Isn’t it Auto Haulers? How many Car Shipping Companies are signed up with Central Dispatch? Isn’t it THOUSANDS?

Auto Transport Carrier | Monthly Cost With Instant Load Notifications

Oh, but wait, there’s more. You can also PAY EXTRA for Instant Load Notifications. To learn more about their Load Notification system and pricing, simply sign up for their 30-Day Free Trial and click on Find Shipments and then Search Vehicles. You will see a small highlighted blue sentence reading, “Get notified instantly of new loads matching your saved searches with CD Notifications – Find out more!”

Awesome? Well, yes, it’s great to have this option. But you could end up paying another $99.95 per month on top of the $104.95 per month for the basic account plan – which still only allows you to simply see the loads. Car haulers say to me, “eBay is Free. Uship is Free. Why does access to this list cost over $100 per month?”

This is exactly why so many car carriers are upset about the cost of Central Dispatch. As a vehicle transport dispatcher, I’ve talked with dozens of owner-operators that are extremely frustrated with Central Dispatch pricing, yet they know their is no real alternative. Essentially, they feel like it’s a monopoly. And nobody likes the monopoly guy.

Auto Transport Demands A New Load Board Market Leader

This is also why so many auto broker businesses are trying to become the next big load board and take the market leader spot of listing available vehicle loads for auto carriers away from Central Dispatch. They know that if they can succeed in becoming the #1 load board, they would not only get rich at charging even half as much – but their carrier and client lists would explode and push them straight to the top of the heap. And then they could truly help bring auto transport into the 21st century.

But that won’t happen for a long time. Maybe ever. Think of the money Central Dispatch is raking in. Plus, they are owned by a very large company that owns many, many other companies. We’re talking BIG. So big…you’re probably going to need a bigger truck to haul in all that cash.


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Auto Transport Car Shipper Monthly Cost of Central Dispatch Account Instant Notification Plans - Auto Transport Intel

Auto Transport Car Shipper Monthly Cost of Central Dispatch Account Instant Notification Plans – Auto Transport Intel

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